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Bring Comfort, Safety & Security to Your Home with Home Automation in Perth

    Are you concerned about your home safety? Home automation not only turns your home smarter but also improves its safety and security. Now, you can turn the lights on or off, close the blinds or even feed your cat from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Automating your home enables you to monitor the use of electricity, HVAC and more. A certified electrician in Perth helps you to automate your home to the highest standards.

    What is Home Automation?

    The concept of ‘home automation’ is introduced with the vision to simplify the way that one interacts with their home.  It is a combination of control systems that allow you to establish control over different categories such as lighting system, security systems, entertainment, HVAC, blinds and more. With home automation, you can operate all these systems at the touch of a button. Always keep in mind that each installation is different and you should contact electrical contractors in Perth to complete the process as to ensure the highest level of installation and operation.

    Benefits of Z-wave Homecare Assistance

    Home Security

    One of the most significant drawbacks of home security is the cost of labour required to run wires to the sensors. Since Z-wave is wireless and not hardwired, it is simple to install to motions sensors and reed switches. Moreover, Z-wave consumes low power and can be used for a long time without the need for any replacement.

    Energy Saving

    With the growing need for more and more devices, the electric bills are rising. But, don’t fret! Z-wave has got you covered. It helps you to reduce power usage and minimise the cost of electricity.

    How it cuts down electric bills?

    • Z-wave sensors turn off lights and devices when motion isn’t detected in your home.
    • Smart Z-wave thermostat regulates in-home temperature based on your needs.
    • Close blinds remotely to keep heat out of your home and save on cooling costs.
    • Z-wave power meter tracks and reports power usage in your home.

    Added Convenience

    The key to home automation is ‘convenience.’ With home automation, you can program any number of tasks to perform automatically even if you are not around. These tasks include turning the lights on or off, adjusting HVAC systems, music programmed to turn on when you return home, and more. The home automation process is proven to provide possible power savings and add more comfort to your life. The miraculous touch of the Z-wave technology can also be extended to the outside of your home to help you have a smart reticulation system. You can even link the weather reports to the controller to save water on your sprinkler system. The journey of home automation is never-ending, and the possibilities are always expanding. Get in touch with your emergency electrician in Perth to get your home automated and taste the ultimate home living experience.

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