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Paint Your Property to Match Your Brand

    Do you know about 93% of shoppers make purchase decisions based on colours and visual appearance?  Yes, colours greatly influence human emotion and behaviour.

    With this finding, you better choose the right colours for your workplace, logos, and other facets for your business. Whether you are looking to redesign your retail space or wondering what colour to paint the office, the colours you choose can help reach your business goals and will help identify your business to the world. Using the right colours to match your brand can create a silent but strong first impression on your clients and customers.

    Why is it essential to paint your business to match the brand?

    Have you ever notice most of the successful businesses have a recognisable brand? You don’t have to see the sign to identify the brand. The colours and shape of the building speak about their brand which continues to add to the success of their business. Most successful stores and restaurants match their building to their brand and image that helps to create brand awareness.

    Large corporate organisations are not the only that use their property to improve their brand and image. Even small to medium businesses can all benefit from using their property to represent their brand. If you are not sure about choosing the colours, you can work with the commercial painters in Sydney to select the best colours that will best represent your brand.

    What is special in a colour?

    The message you want to communicate with your consumers can be enhanced with the colours you use. In fact, the right choice of hues can have an emotional impact and help create a lasting impression that is essential to your business’ brand. But, the wrong choice may send the wrong messages. So, it is advisable to discuss with a reputed painting contractor like Colour Life Painting for projects such as commercial painting Sydney or strata painting in Sydney.

    When choosing the colour pallets, consider the message you want to communicate and the target audience, so you can find the right hues and branding that helps to attract the right audience. While all the generations enjoy colours that promote wanderlust, millennials lean towards subtle colours that promote mindfulness such as soft greens and complex greys that are calming and bring nature indoors. Generation Z enjoys colours that are in the mix of innovation and convenience such as violet, yellows, and watery blues.

    Logo and building

    Just because your logo is blue it doesn’t mean that you need a blue building for your business. However, the shades you choose should blend well with your logo. You must select the hues that match and work together while utilising the power of a colour to represent your branding message. Different variances come into play while choosing the right colour to match your brand. This is why having Colour Life Painting painters in Sydney by your side can help you make the right decision.

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