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Tips To Prevent Theft in Your Home

    According to the recent survey, over two million burglaries were committed every year and nearly 60-70% of these are residential. If you are residing alone, you can safeguard your home from burglars by taking safety measures. But the real question is how you keep your house safe? Let us see the answer for this,

    • The first step is to install the strong unbreakable door. You may believe it or not but it’s true that 20% people left their doors unclosed that becomes an open invitation for the burglars. You can install automated doors which lockit after few seconds to ensure the safety of your house.

    • Choose wood doors or metal doors for durability and strength. Glass doors are really not appreciated, but can be used at second door levels and places appropriate. Of course it adds unconditional beauty to your home. You can add high quality deadbolt locks and inbuilt locks on the door knob. And also for better safety you can use pin code lock for your doors. These kinds of additional locks might discourage the burglars and they may feel intimidated to break the locks. Make sure that the doors and frames are embedded in the wall with long screws. Security doors are custom made for needed people nowadays.

    • It is very important to create an illusion around your home when you are away for work or vacation to safe your house from dangers of theft. You can install the latest automatic timers which automatically switch on the light, television, radio etc. in regular intervals.

    • You may also let to know the local police if you’re going to be away for vacation so that they can keep an eye over your house.

    These are few tips to keep your home theft proof and to ensure your safety. Keep your beloved ones safe from burglars with proper safety measures.

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