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Tips to Choose Blinds for your Bay Window

    Bay windows are lovely yet can be very challenging when you want to dress them right. Bay windows, generally, are made of 2 angled windows that sandwich a central one. The key lies in being able to fit the blinds without messing around the corners. Here is a list of tips to help you with the task.

    1. Measure right

    The depth of the window is the most important factor as it allows the homeowner to determine the right type of window treatment. After the measurements are taken accurately, keep note of the narrowest width as well as the longest height. This ensures that there is no chance of collision between the blinds and the windows are covered fully too.

    2. Choose the right window blinds

    Venetian blinds are the most common and economical option for bay windows. When you buy Venetian blinds online pay attention to the slat widths. If you have embellished the living space heavily and are looking to make a stronger statement through your blinds, then go for the eyelet varieties.

    3. Add curtains too if you want a textured look

    Combine the venetian blinds with suitable curtains (in contrasting colours) for a rich look. Some people choose blackout lining to be able to better control the amount of light entering into the room.

    4. Let the natural light in

    Bay windows are amazing features of a home and the best way to highlight them is by embracing the natural light. While choosing the blinds, make sure that the option of letting the light in is always open.