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The best zombie games on PC 2022

    Dying Light 2 Stay Human was one of the more anticipated video game releases in 2022, and playing the first Dying Light wasn’t a prerequisite to enjoy this installment. The narrative is set years after the events of the original game. Players take on the role of a young man named Aiden, who journeys to locate his missing sister. Experimented on as children, they were eventually separated. Now, years later, Aiden is tracking down where his sister ended up, but the world is even more hostile than you might remember.

    Do zombies sleep?

    They are not nocturnal, they are arrhythmic! And insomniac. They never sleep! Remember how one becomes a zombie in the first place?

    Oh, and watch out for the zombies that want to feast on your flesh. It’s dark, it’s dour and you’re going to have a whale of a time playing through it’s ransacked and godless vision of the future. This is the sort of zombie-mangling experience that fits perfectly into quick-fire mobile gaming sessions. Bus journeys are going to fly by, much like the skulls and brains of the undead soaring towards the basket. It’s the mashing together of franchises that no one knew they wanted until it happened.

    UNKILLED PvP Zombie Shooter 3D

    In addition, it offers players a pretty big open world to explore. The open-world is based on a city, and there are several areas for you to explore. In Dark Days, like other Android and iOS zombie games player has to survive through an unknown epidemic that nearly wiped out humanity. This one is a lot different from Last Day on Earth above.

    Featuring 20+ hours of campaign gameplay and 10+ hours of special missions, it is one of the best examples of the genre. It is estimated that 175 Billion mobile apps are downloaded yearly, and an average person uses 9 mobile apps per day and over 30… There are only a few survivors, and you are one of them. You are tasked to kill different kinds of zombies using the available weapons. People are falling sick, and things are out of control. It’s the player’s responsibility to save the world from being taken over by the zombie surfers.

    The 8 Best Zombie Games

    The Definitive Edition comes packed with DLC and improved visuals. There’s been a sequel for this game in the works for several years now that is currently being kicked around to different developers, but it might come out someday. Dysmantle is an indie game that turns players into survivors.

    Will mega zombie be free?

    Game and Legal Info

    Mega Zombie is a free-to-play third-person shooter game. You do not only fight the enemy players.

    Even a cheap plywood box, if you stand on it, can put a couple of extra feet between you and your undead attackers. Do you think you can survive a zombie apocalypse by staying inside a house? So, in order to survive, simply make your way through them and get out of the affected region. The more you play, the better rank you get and higher weapon upgrades can be purchased as well. You may find this game as one of the most challenging zombie survival games for Android.

    ‘Into the Dead 2’

    A tower defense kind of a game, it’s actually fun to play. You have to defend your house from the zombies and in order to do that, you will need to deploy plants that would help defeat the zombie fleet. A whole lot of weapons to kill as many zombies as you please and really heavy vehicles you’ll use to crush through zombies. With a few in-app purchases, the game has 10 millions+ downloads and and rating 4.5 on google play store. I write the description of this game with a smile on my face because this zombie shooting game is one of a kind, unique and amazing. Great impressive and satisfying visuals, smooth controls and a decent audio production.

    Zombie MMORPG that has been running since 2005, hosting an endless war between desperate survivors and roving hordes of undead. Don’t let the looks fool you – this game runs in real time, there’s quite a lot to it, and it is intense. However, the list of zombie games for Android and iOS that we discussed earlier includes games that we found best after reviewing them amongst others that we had tried.

    But surviving in a post-apocalyptic world becomes all the more difficult when you are hit with thirst, hunger, and cold. Besides zombies, you will also have to deal with other survivors as they may become enemies in this cruel world. In a world where most of the population is turned into zombies, it’s difficult to survive.

    Stateside: Nintendo doesn’t need to go mobile, mobile needs to go Nintendo

    The game is fast-paced and enjoyable, and the zombies don’t give up easily, forcing you to put your abilities to work. The multiplayer component of the game is an added feature, enabling you to form alliances and combat the horde, as well as assist in skill upgrades to protect your shelter. A virus has swept across Harran, and now you find yourself trapped there. Undead roam the streets by day, and despicable abominations are out at night.

    And with those control issues remedied in the 2019 remake, alongside vastly improved graphics and various other tweaks, RE2 has only gotten better with time. However, you don’t get to deal with just human-sized zombies but you will also encounter hulk-sized zombies (dangerous!). There’s a twist in it, your teammate would be taken hostage by the lovely (huge!) zombie. The game delivers a great visual experience and to make things easier you get an option to enable automatic fire. Other gamers would still find it appealing but it depends on what type of user experience you are looking for in the gameplay.