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Creating Cosy Outdoor Rooms with Louvre Roof Systems

    We Aussies are known for loving the outdoors, and outdoor living is nothing new. However, the traditional Australian backyard was lost to higher-density housing and big project homes in small space over the last few years, especially in major cities across the country. That said, this pandemic has taught us the value of outdoor space, and more and more people resort to more natural ways, outdoor living is back in style.

    Whether you have a spacious patio or cosy backyard, you’re so lucky because there’s much you can do to make the place beautiful. Comfortable furniture, elegant decors, and greenery are some of the key elements for creating a chic, cosy outdoors. How about adding a cosy bedroom outdoors? Do you want a chic outdoor living room? Do you wish to have an outdoor kitchen and dining area? Well, everything is possible with louvre roof systems!

    What is a Louvre Roof System?

    Louvre roof systems are smart patio roof systems, architecturally designed to withstand harsh Australian climate and perfect for any home style. In short, louvre roof systems are shading structures that can help to extend your living space without making major changes in your existing space. A customised louvre roof system can help transform any unused outdoor space, regardless of size, into both a functional and perfect oasis where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors.

    Our louvre roof systems are specifically engineered to withstand Australian weather conditions, including cyclonic areas. Our wide range of Louvre roof systems allows you to create beautiful living spaces that accommodate your outdoor living requirements. Whether its shine or rain, with our louvre roof systems, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

    With a push of a button, our versatile louvre roof systems can be adjusted to keep the sun out, let the light in, allow cross-flow ventilation or completely close to protect your space from rain.

    Our range of louvre roof prices are competitive and provides an array of adjustable louvre controlled solutions to enjoy all seasons and climatic conditions.

    How to Make a Good Outdoor Living Space?

    Before starting, just take a good look around your outdoor space to determine how you want to utilise the space. Find out the areas where the sun and daylight fall at various times of the day, as it will be a guiding factor in making a great outdoor living plan.

    Add the Right Furniture

    Furniture can make or break your outdoor living. Choosing the right outdoor furniture is crucial to making the most of your space. Opt for stylish pieces that’s sleek and require less maintenance. Group them with a side table, outdoor rugs, and other things to get the perfect living room or bedroom set-up outdoors.

    Design a Covered Living Space

    Do you want to create a chill-out zone? Design a covered space using our louvre roof structure so that you can control the climatic condition according to your needs and mood.

    Illuminate the Space

    Paying attention to detail with lighting and accessories will make the place feel inviting, romantic, and beautiful. Solar lights are a great idea as you can add them to any space without having to worry about plugs and wires. Illuminate your outdoor living area as you wish.

    Warm-Up with a Fire Pit

    There’s no outdoor space without a little warmth to enjoy the winters. Fire pits are one of the popular garden features that help to create a cosy space.

    Need help with choosing the right louvre roof systems? We can help you. Please get in touch with our team for further queries on  louvre roof prices.