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What are the common garage door problems?

    It is not unusual to encounter a problem at some point with the garage door and its parts. Though there are times when you would be able to fix it yourselves, it is best to leave garage door repair in Boise up to professionals. By determining the basic cause of the issue, you can know whether to call an expert or not. Here are some reasons why your garage door isn’t working,

    Dead batteries

    If this is the case, then the transmitter could not signal your garage door to open. To ensure it, check the transmitter built inside your garage and see if it works. If it does, then the remote transmitter just needs a battery replacement. Only other complex problems related to a transmitter needs a professional guidance.

    Misaligned photo eyes

    If your garage door opens smoothly but doesn’t move when you try to close it, then check the photo eyes. You may know that the Photo eyes are responsible for detecting if anything is obstructing in the path of the garage door. When they get dirty, the transmitting light could get blocked. Thus, make sure to clean them regularly. Or else, the alignment of the photo eyes could have gone wrong. Maintain their respective position in such a way that they must point each other directly at the same angle. Still, if the door doesn’t budge, it is time to get the help of an expert in Garage door repair at Boise.

    The Track is out of alignment

    Out of alignment issues in the track is a serious issue. You can identify this problem,

    • If you see gaps between the rollers and the rails or any bend in the rails.
    • If you can hear a rubbing noise whenever the garage door reaches a particular spot.

    Remedying this issue requires technical knowledge. Therefore, contact a repair service as soon as possible.

    Broken torsion spring

    Garage doors are lifted by the heavy-duty springs present in the door. They have a limited life cycle and would break if it is used beyond that. In this case, it is not advisable to do anything by yourself as it is dangerous. In Boise, garage door repair professionals can easily replace those springs for you as they are well-trained in dealing with this.

    Issues with tension springs or cables

    Tension springs ensure that the garage door is operated slowly and safely. If it does not work properly, you will find the door closing really fast with a bang noise. It is important not to use the garage door until it is repaired thoroughly.

    Other than this, malfunctioning can also occur if it the door is manually locked, disconnect switched is enabled or the settings of the Garage door limit isn’t right.

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