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Buy the Best Plantation Shutters for Your Home

    Whether you are looking for a classy and stylish option to keep light and heat out of your home, then Lifestyle plantation shutters are the better choice. This is because they act as the great addition to a rustic and homely establishment and it also serves as the first step to recreate your home’s decorative appeal.

    Making an investment on shutters of exceptional quality will provide a long term value like any other home renovation investment. Lifestyle plantation shutters come with unmatched selection of frame options the complements your room style and home décor. The installation process of these plantation shutters are made easier with preinstalled magnets and hinges, pre-mitred frames and slotted key holes. These shutters come in different rages including,

    • Normandy Phoenixwood – Plantation Timber
    • Sussex Teak – Plantation Timber
    • Durawood
    • Woodlore
    • Aluminium and more.

    What Makes Lifestyle Plantation Shutters So Special?

    The Normandy Shutter range of Lifestyle plantation shutters is manufactured from the finest Phoenixwood, a tree with genuine green environmental credentials. This is the world’s fastest growing tree species and can grow from the original stump using the old and well established root system, hence promotes reforestation.

    The major benefits of using Phoenixwood as the main source in the manufacturing process of plantation shutters are,

    • Comes in varied colour ranges from light honey to blond.
    • Phoenixwood possess greater strength to weight ratio.
    • Since they are free from volatile oils and low resin, they are fire-retardant. The ignition temperature of this wood is 420 to 430 degrees Celsius.
    • Great resistance to splitting and warping.
    • The low thermal conductivity of this wood incorporates excellent insulation properties in Lifestyle plantation shutters and helps in energy control.
    • They are dimensionally stable hence these shutters will not warp, split or fade.
    • They do not rot or decay.
    • Its sound absorption property brings in better noise control.

    Still not convinced with these benefits? Here are more!

    The major reason behind poor alignment in shutters is wood shrining and swelling. To avoid this drawback, Lifestyle plantation shutters are dried to the proper environment condition to ensure that the shutters close tightly without any gaps. This process makes them more solid and beautiful for years to come.

    Lifestyle plantation shutters also makes use of Quarter-sawn wood for an exceptionally smooth finish, enhancing the beauty and increasing the durability. Quarter-sawn wood can be successfully reconditioned with less cupping and warping.

    So, before you proceed to purchase plantation shutters in Perth, take the benefits and unique features of Lifestyle plantation shutters into account to end up in a high quality product with longer life. Evaluate all the options available carefully to make a wise decision that fits your home’s style perfectly.

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